Welcome to BNI Maidstone

Come and see us at   every Friday morning for network and referral opportunities. BNI (Business Network International) is a networking group which offers members the opportunity to forge links with other businesses. BNI members benefit from the needs of other members, and other members contacts and customers. Effectively a member has a team, of Company owners and directors, looking for new clients and business Every Day!

Why use services from a BNI Member? Each BNI member is vetted before they can join, ensuring that they are experts in their field. And by the very fact they are a BNI member shows their commitment to quality business. Each week, members have the opportunity to put their sales pitch to other members, how would you like to have the ear of 20+ Company owners and directors.

The Maidstone Pionner Chapter meets each week at  just off the M20 and over 20 “referrals” change hands.

What is the difference between a lead and a referral?

A sales lead, is just that, to be led in the direction of a possible sale. It could be as little as “…there is a business estate over there, I’m sure somebody there will need your services….”

How could that be improved? What if the person telling you this also gave you the name and telephone number of someone who had expressed an interest in your services.

This still does not make a referral…

What if the person talking to that prospective client of yours, gave them your name and card, and told them you would call AND highly recommended your services?

Now it is a referral. That is what BNI members do every week!

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